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Legal Job Shadowing Program at Potekyu for Law Students in July 2024

On July 6, 2024, within the framework of the collaboration between Potekyu and the Law Faculty of Hung Vuong University in Ho Chi Minh City, Potekyu organized a Legal Job Shadowing Program for 19 law students.

At the sharing session held at the Ho Chi Minh City office, Potekyu’s Managing Lawyer and associates shared and guided the law students on:

  • The history of establishment and development of Potekyu Law Firm

  • Brand positioning and services

  • The legal service market and its demands

  • The daily tasks of a paralegal

  • The career advancement path in a commercial law firm

  • The skills and abilities required for personnel at a law firm

  • The career development stories of lawyers/experts working at Potekyu

  • Opportunities and challenges in the consulting lawyer environment

Luật sư Nguyễn Văn Doanh đang giới thiệu về cơ hội nghề nghiệp tại công ty luật.

The Legal Job Shadowing program helped law students better understand the work and career advancement opportunities at a professional commercial law firm. Accordingly, to advance in a law firm, students need to determine their direction from the beginning and follow a proper learning and training path right after graduation.

Representing the Law Faculty of Hung Vuong University in Ho Chi Minh City, Master Dang Tran Kha expressed gratitude to Potekyu Law Firm and was very impressed with the practical and easy-to-understand sharing of Managing Lawyer Nguyen Van Doanh for the law students. In the future, the Law Faculty will certainly organize more events in collaboration with law firms for law students and hopes to receive continued support from Potekyu Law Firm.

Potekyu emphasizes its social responsibility by providing legal assistance to startups and particularly helping law students explore career opportunities, career development paths, and access skills to advance in the legal profession. We are honored to collaborate with educational and legal training organizations to continue fulfilling our mission and social responsibility.

Ho Chi Minh City, July 6, 2024.


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