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We offer a wide range of services to meet your needs

Services are specifically tailored  for you based on our understanding of the industry, your needs and our expertise.


Legal Document & Contract Control

We advise on the optimal options and solutions to maximize the benefits of our clients while proactively controlling legal risks.

  • Reviewing contracts

  • Drafting contracts

  • Company Charter

  • Shareholder Agreement (SHA)

  • Corporate Governance Regulations

  • Financial Management Regulations

  • Employee Handbook

  • Code of Business Conduct

  • Company internal regulations

  • Anti-Harassment Policy

  • Manager Handbook

  • Guidance on Legal Risk Management

  • Company legal templates

  • SAAS Service Policy

  • Legal translation

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Legal Consulting & Solutions

Legal advising, legal expressing and law applying services have helped thousands of our clients achieve sustainable benefits and prevent legal risks.

  • Advising on Fund raising/financing process

  • Advising on ESOP

  • Advising on Law applying project

  • Advising onTechnology tax incentives

  • Legal Audit (Legal Due Diligence)

  • Reviewing readiness to raise catpital

  • Stock allocation strategy

  • Setting up a franchise system

  • Advising on Personal Income Tax

  • Reviewing Life Insurance Contracts

  • Managing Migration Service Contract


​Deals & Business Transactions

We provide solutions, transaction structures and deals to help both of you and your partner win.

  • Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)

  • Receiving capital/calling for investment capital

  • Investment business cooperation

  • Renting a house/real estate

  • Transfering Real estate

  • Inheritance Planning

  • Declaring inheritance

  • Restructuring Asset management

  • Restructuring Enterprise system

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Business Licenses & Permits

Our services help you confidently do business and duly operate in Vietnam.

  • Formation of a Vietnamese company

  • Formation  of an FDI company

  • Adjustment of business registration

  • Investment Approval (M&A Approval)

  • Dissolution of the company

  • Registering trademark

  • Copyright registration

  • Website Registration

  • Register for E-commerce platform

  • Work permit for foreigners

  • Temporary residence card for foreigners

  • Update land ownership certificate

  • Food Hygiene safety certificate for restaurants/manufacturing

  • Liquor retail license (except distribution)

  • Register for a medium/long term foreign loan.


Legal Compliance Management

What if you plant on a piece of land without any protective fence? We help business owners make secure when their business has a legal barrier to protect business results.

  • Reviewing the status of legal compliance

  • Establishing a Compliance System

  • Legal Audit

  • Drafting corporate legal templates

  • Drafting business regulations and policies

  • Setting up the Legal Department

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Dispute Resolution, Litigation

We believe that arguing your case in court is not always the best solution. Any legal way to successfully protect your benefits is one of our recommendations for you. Either way, we're committed to helping you reach your goal when it comes to dispute resolution, not just closing the process.

  • Advising on Dispute resolution

  • Filing a lawsuit against an administrative agency

  • Settling Appellate Cases

  • Handling Cassation Procedures

  • Handling Quick Divorce Procedures

  • Settling Disputes about labour layoffs


Outsourced Legal Department

All billionaires have a lawyer or a team of lawyers who support their business.

We understand that a business owner or a growing or expanding company will always face legal challenges. Our solution is an outsourced legal department to help you solve your legal challenges 24/7 and optimize the cost of setting up an expensive in-house legal team.

  • Set up Corporate Legal Department (outsource)

  • Regular Legal Services (LawMembership)

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Legal Knowledge Training

The Correct Information, The Correct Action, The Correct situation resolving are the three pillars for controlling legal risks and maximizing the benefits of legal compliance. It all comes from Right legal knowledge. We provide Correct Practical Law Knowledge.

  • Laws for startup

  • Laws for investors

  • Laws for CEOs/business owners

  • Laws for capital raising

  • Laws for Intellectual property

  • Laws for Labor

  • Laws on Business/Corporate

  • Laws for IPO

  • Laws for M&A

  • Laws for Technology

  • Laws for Technology Tax Incentives

  • Corporate Legal Risk Control

  • Contract Laws

  • Law on Enterprise Inspection


Personal legal control

We help business owners and individuals to solve their personal legal problems in the smartest way and free them from unnecessary troubles.

  • Restructuring asset management and exploitation

  • Planning an Inheritance

  • Drafting Wills

  • Handling marital disputes

  • Resovling Family dispute

  • Declaring Heritage

  • Managing Life Insurance Policy

  • Managing Migration Service Contract

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