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for your better.

Our team's mission is to make your life, business, legal status, and interests better after you allow us to serve and protect you.


Similing Team

Our Story


WE - The co-founders started the law firm as a "subcontractor" for many Vietnamese law firms and a "local partner" for several foreign law firms.

WITH the mission to help clients make secure and confident to conquer the target market and together with enterprise contribute to creating sustainable development for the Vietnamese economy, POTEKYU
 has been officially established and carried out its mission since 2014.

Commitment & Dedication

One of our core values is dedication, which is embodied in each of our business processes.

Efficient services

The policy of commitment to service effectiveness is one of the main conditions in the relationship with clients.

Strict standards

Our difference is reflected in the service quality standards set by us.

Our Most Important Asset

05 Core Values


Tell the truth and what we think.  Do what we are committed to protect the benefits of our clients.


Understand the legal needs, business models and trends of the target market of clients.

Propose appropriate and optimal legal solutions to clients' problems and needs.

Dedicate our effort to serve for the benefits of clients.

Balance personal, commercial and community values.

Discussion and color palette selection

Our Competitive Advantage


Flexible service prices

The lean management model allows us to be proactive in valuating our service price. Our service fees are flexible, not too expensive as usual, suitable for many clients segments and based on the value we bring.


Team dedicated to clients

Our Service Policy and Client Service Policy provide clients with friendly, safe and trusting experience when working with our team.


Principles of practice

All of our members value the profession we pursue and our job. Therefore, we all adhere to the practice principle of “Putting the interests of Clients above our own”.


Understanding the industry

We are not a flashy-sized lawfirm nor do we apply for multiple media awards. We are confident in our understanding of the market, industry, and customized needs of each client. This gives us solutions that wow our clients.

An office building with glassy facades

Our Achievements

About Our Reputation

Practicing our mission has built a reputation for our team of lawyers over the years.





Years of Experience

Professional Employees

Loyal Clients

Total Deal Value

Our Ecosystem

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Working With the Best

Proud of serving you!


My name is Vincent Doanh Nguyen

"I have chosen the mission of making others happier by providing effective legal solutions and helping our lawyers advance their careers by contributing more to clients' sustainable business"

Vincent Doanh Nguyen

​Managing Partner, Founding Lawyer


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Thank you for helping the Potekyu Foundation Charity Fund have a donation equivalent to 1% of the service fee.

The founding team of POTEKYU is committed to donating their personal money equivalent to 1% of the service fee you paid to POTEKYU & its affiliates.


​POTEKYU Foundation

We are convinced that the success of the company and each of our members is due to the values that societies and communities share.
Community's gratitude and a sense of social responsibility are among the core values that our team pursues.

Charity activities

  • Legal support for the disadvantaged.

  • Provide scholarships to strong-willed people.

  • Donating necessary production and learning equipment to people in difficulty.

  • Sponsored courses for the community to develop life skills, improve awareness and personal development.

  • Visiting, giving gifts to patients, the elderly, the poor...

  • Express our gratitude to all organizations and individuals that have made admirable contributions to the community.

​POTEKYU in the Press

Talk to our lawyers

Our very-busy lawyers are always willing to connect with you. Choose a suitable time slot to chat online with us for free. You will not waste time on this.

Hundreds of clients have appreciated our short but helpful and sympathetic talk.

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